bobsama195 (bobsama195) wrote,

Bootlegs >:l HELP!

I really hate makes it so much harder to find quality, legitimate merchandise that supports the Pokemon Company!!
When I was younger, I bought some bootlegs, not knowing that they were or their impacts but now that I'm older, I look at ebay, conventions, and the few that I have with disgust!

I also want to buy stuff through fromjapan and nippon but I'm afraid that they're going to be bootlegs too (doesn't help that I can't read Japanese) since they're selling it for much cheaper than what I find on ebay (the legit sellers), pokevault and places like that. I realize that they are Japan, not Hong Kong or China so it should be legit but I've seen and even got some fakes from sellers in the US before so I have some doubts of the legitimacy of stuff that they sell on fromjapan or nippon.

If anyone has some advice, I'd love to hear it.
Tags: advice, angry, bootlegs, ebay, fromjapan, help, nippon, pokemon
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