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Bootlegs >:l HELP!
I really hate bootlegs..it makes it so much harder to find quality, legitimate merchandise that supports the Pokemon Company!!
When I was younger, I bought some bootlegs, not knowing that they were or their impacts but now that I'm older, I look at ebay, conventions, and the few that I have with disgust!

I also want to buy stuff through fromjapan and nippon but I'm afraid that they're going to be bootlegs too (doesn't help that I can't read Japanese) since they're selling it for much cheaper than what I find on ebay (the legit sellers), pokevault and places like that. I realize that they are Japan, not Hong Kong or China so it should be legit but I've seen and even got some fakes from sellers in the US before so I have some doubts of the legitimacy of stuff that they sell on fromjapan or nippon.

If anyone has some advice, I'd love to hear it.

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I couldn't respond to your comment on my post because our site doesn't have advertizing permission on the community yet.

But I just wanted to let you know that me and a few members of pkmncollectors run a website does Pokemon Center Pick-ups & we are taking a few pick-up slots on the items you are looking for.

If you wanna check it out you can find a link to the site on the first post in my journal. Just click the big banner with the togekiss on it, you will be transported to our site.

(Sorry I couldn't PM you back because of your security settings.) I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable or obligated by asking about what Pokedolls you're going to try to sell.

And also, if you don't mind me asking, how much do you think you'd ask for the Magikarp Pokedoll? I've been trying to get one for a while now.

Whoops, fixed it

Not at all, I'll be honest, I really want to give my plushies new homes as soon as possible and I don't quite understand how to use ebay (plus, this community is much nicer)

I got the Magikarp for a pretty high price but I don't want to ask for the same price. When I bought it, it was MWT but the hang tag was all warped so I cut it off it hopes to flatten it (didn't work =.=''). Since it's tag is detached, and Japanese, I thought maybe $100 (still less than what I paid for =.=)

I'm that way too, I would much rather sell Pokemon within the community, that way I know they're going to actual loving homes rather than resellers or whatever.

OH MY GOODNESS I can't believe someone charged you that much! That was ridiculously unfair of them.
I'm sorry I would love to buy him from you, but I can't afford that. :(

Yeah, I'm thinking when I get sales permission, I'll auction it off (starting at a lower price) so maybe wait until then?

At the time, I didn't really know much about Pokemon collection but since I never saw a Magikarp Pokedoll, I thought "OMG YES!". Too bad I'm not that into it anymore (For me, I feel it wasn't really worth the price :/) It's cute but I'd rather have something else. I dunno, if you really want it, maybe we can do a trade (I don't care if I get money not, I just want Magikarp to go to a better home)

That's a bummer! I have had a lot of moments like that too where I'm just like "if I had just been a little more immersed in the collecting community I would have known where to get a better price or at least wait or something?"

I kinda wondered if you would be interested in a trade too. Right now I have a lot of Vulpix items, a couple of Pokedolls, some misc. plush, misc. figures. Is there a particular Pokémon that you focus on?

hmm...well I collect dark types, the tao trio, and xy pokemon that I like (especially the Froakie line and Yveltal and Xerneas). I've also been really looking for a Shadow Lugia Pokedoll and right now, I can't afford the 1:1 XY starters and the Yveltal and Xerneas so I'm looking for those too

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