bobsama195 (bobsama195) wrote,

Pokemon Wants Post (Updated June 25/19)

Unfortunately I have been decreasing my spending and collecting due to lack of space and needing to be more mindful of my spending.
I am willing to trade for these items or potentially buy them depending on the price.

I casually collect the Tao trio with Kyurem being my favourite. I may be interested in any other items I don't have listed here!
All plush wants can be MWT or Tag detached unless stated otherwise
I prefer figures to be mint
Plush can be American OR Japanese, unless stated otherwise

BW Kyurem Rumble Figures

Reshiram/Zekrom Ken Clearfiles

Year of the dragon clearfile

Zekrom lottery figure

Black Kyurem lottery figure

Black White 2 clearfile

Gold FA Reshiram/Zekrom (preferably Japanese)
Japanese Pikachu/Zekrom GX RR/ rare
Japanese Charizard/Reshiram GX

New years clearfile (3 file set with Yveltal/Xerneas, Ponyta/Pancham, and starters

Also non-Pokemon wants:
Tags: dark types, reshiram, tao trio, wants, xy, zekrom
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