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Yugioh Sales

Pkmncollectors Feedback:

-I'm selling my Yugioh Card collection as well (includes Japanese and English) and I'm selling them in lots. If you want me to look for a specific card, I can. If you see a specific card in the lot pictures that you want, feel free to ask about it. I just want these out of here and get back about 70% of what I originally paid for them
-BEWARE: I'm rather new to selling stuff online.
I'm also busy with school so I might take a while to ship things out. I hope you all can understand but if that makes you uncomfortable, then don't buy from me.
-I live in a smoke and pet free home but my room collects dust a lot. I will clean off all items before shipping them out as best as I can
-If you want a quote, please list the items you want and your postal code and/or country
-A QUOTE IS NOT A HOLD. If someone commits to an items, they will get priority
-I may take some time to get quotes and stuff since I'm rather new. Please be patient but again, if this bothers you when I'm warning now.
-I will accept haggling but please be reasonable. Don't be discouraged or offended if I don't accept offers.

-I accept Paypal only (sent as goods, not gift)
-Prices do not include paypal fees or shipping fees
-Prices will be in USD

-I ship from Canada and I can ship internationally so beware Canadian shipping prices (especially for International buyers)
-Individual cards will be shipped in an envelope
-Plush will be in bubble mailers or boxes, whichever is necessary
-Small, more durable figures will be shipped in envelopes. Others will be shipped in a bubble mailer.
-I will try to reuse packaging. If that will be a problem, please say so.
-I won't be responsible for lost mail and I can't refund lost packages. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else, feel free to ask. Be warned that extra things cost a lot.
-I can't seem to find registered mail rates on Canada Post. I'm trying to ask them but if anyone can help out too, that'd be great!
-My school and home is a few minutes away from the post office so I can usually ship out items as soon as possible.

Any additional questions, just ask

Yugioh Merchandise:
-Dueling Legends book (used) $1
-Stardust Dragon dog tag $1
-Speed Warrior dog tag $1

-Emperor's Key (MIP) $30
-10th Anniversary Animation Book $10
-V-Jump 20th anniversary issue with promo BEWD card (MIP, the one in the picture is my personal one) x2 - $7
One Coin figures (note: they will all come with their respective speech bubbles that aren't pictured. They're fragile so they must be sent in a box)
-Kisara $10
-Ishizu $7
-Theif King Bakura $10
-Tristan $6
-Joey $6
-Tea $6

Not pictured: Yugi ($7), Yami ($10), BEWD ($8), REBD ($8), Kaiba ($8), Mokuba ($6)


English cards lot (over 1000 cards from many sets. Also embedded are cards from the Marik structure deck, 6 Samurai SD, and Gates of the Underworld SD) $50
Pegasus tin is all holos and rares, the rest are mixs of monsters, spell, and trap cards that are not holo or rare.
If you want me to look for specific cards, I can try to find them as well.


Japanese cards-$100
An idea of what cards there are:
Duelist set 2 pack-Lightning star and Dark Returner (I put the cards from the decks in their respective cases but I left the main cards, Constellar Ptomely M7 and Evilswarm Ouroboros in their original packaging. Includes playmats and boxes and extra card cases as well)
3 opened boxes of Shadow Specters (does not include the Number cards I got. Yeah, I bought 3 boxes of these =.=)
1 opened box of Judgement of the Light (does not include the Number cards I got)
1 box Duelist pack Kaito (does not include number cards I got)
Other random packs, all 5Ds or newer (mostly newer)

Numbers lot (most are Japanese): $20
note: I got 3 Number 46: Dragluon. 2 of them are ultimate rares

Japanese Legend of the BEWD deck: $7 (took out cards and immediately put them into clear sleeves. Everything else is inside the box)
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