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Random sales
Some stuff that I just don't really want anymore and I'd like to sell of to pay for my other needs...

I have pkmncollectors feedback for reference

Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/bobsama195/

All prices listed are the lowest I'd accept for them
-I live in a smoke and pet free home but my room collects dust a lot. I will clean off all items before shipping them out as best as I can

-If you want a quote, please list the items you want and your postal code and/or country
-A QUOTE IS NOT A HOLD. If someone commits to an items, they will get priority
-I may take some time to get quotes and stuff since I'm rather new. Please be patient but again, if this bothers you when I'm warning now.
-All of the English cards are from package to sleeve but somehow, a blemish always appears on the back of the cards (curse lower quality English cards). If you want extra pictures, just ask though I'm a little reluctant to take out the ones in coloured sleeves since I know they'll just magically get more damaged.

-I accept Paypal only (sent as goods, not gift) in USD

-I ship from Canada and I can ship internationally so beware Canadian shipping prices eh (especially for International buyers) aka I take this into consideration for offers
-I will try to reuse packaging. If that will be a problem, please say so. I don't have a lot of extra packaging though, just boxes so I might have to buy bubble mailers which is pricey x.x
-I won't be responsible for lost mail and I can't refund lost packages. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else, feel free to ask. Be warned that extra things cost a lot, especially from Canada Post.
-I can't seem to find registered mail rates on Canada Post. I'm trying to ask them but if anyone can help out too, that'd be great!
-My school and home is a few minutes away from the post office so I can usually ship out items as soon as possible.

Any additional questions, just ask
Any extra pictures you want, just ask!

Gloomy Bear: $10 My mom accidentally put it through the wash so the painted blood on its claws and mouth bled onto the plush you can see a bit of pink on its mouth  and pic below shows it on its paws

Manga $5 each:
Phantom Dream v.1
Butterfly v.1
Yugioh "zero" v.1
Yugioh Zexal v.1,2,3
Magic Knight Rayearth v.1
Yugioh Bunkoban (Japanese reprints) v.1,3,4

COSPA Hanging Earjack strap $7 each
Yugioh Zexal: Kaito, Shark, Yuma
Yugioh Animation Book $10
Yugioh Card Binder $5
Bleach characterbook 1 SOULS $7
Death Note Novel The Los Angeles BB Murder Case $10
Jigoku Shoujo Soundtrack 1: $5
Bleach Butterfly Pin + Rukia card: $5
Bleach bookmarks $2 each: Gin Ichimaru, Sousuke Aizen, Kisuke Urahara
Korosensei Earjack charm $6 each: Orange, Pink, Green
Everything else $0.5 each