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Despo Anime/Pokemon sales *Update July 10*

I'm despo for money (BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY I'M DESPO TO SELL OFF MY MASS OF LOVE LIVE SH*T!!!!) so I'm selling some Anime merch (mostly idol merch though)
These sales and prices will close May 25th

Almost all of these items have original packaging

If you don't have LJ, you can contact me by email ( or twitter (@bob_chann)

I have pkmncollectors feedback for reference


-All item conditions are MWT or displayed with no parts missing unless otherwise stated
-All prices listed are the lowest I'd accept for them--they're either what I paid for or less and prices are listed in
-I live in a smoke and pet free home but my room collects dust a lot. I will clean off all items before shipping them out as best as I can
-If you want a quote, please list the items you want and your postal code and/or country
-A QUOTE IS NOT A HOLD. If someone commits to an items, they will get priority
-I may take some time to get quotes and stuff since I'm rather new. Please be patient but again, if this bothers you when I'm warning now.
-All of the English cards are from package to sleeve but somehow, a blemish always appears on the back of the cards (curse lower quality English cards). If you want extra pictures, just ask though I'm a little reluctant to take out the ones in coloured sleeves since I know they'll just magically get more damaged.
-Items in purple are actually not with me yet (being shipped). Though this only applies to the Touhou Project trading items right now

-I accept Paypal only in USD
-I will accept CAD but I will convert the USD price
-Prices don't include shipping
-Prices include Paypal fees

-I ship from Canada and I can ship internationally so beware Canadian shipping prices eh (especially for International buyers) aka I take this into consideration for offers
-Flats shipping starts at $1.50 for US and $2.50 for international using an envelope. If you want a bubble mailer, sorry but shipping starts at $8
-Non-flats shipping starts at $8 to US, and $12+ everywhere else

-I will try to reuse packaging. If that will be a problem, please say so. I don't have a lot of extra packaging though, just boxes so I might have to buy bubble mailers which is pricey x.x
-I won't be responsible for lost mail and I can't refund lost packages. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else, feel free to ask. Be warned that extra things cost a lot, especially from Canada Post.
-No tracking available except for US and Canada buyers (unless you want to pay at least $50 x.x)
-My school and home is a few minutes away from the post office so I can usually ship out items as soon as possible.

*Will be updated periodically*

Any additional questions, just ask
Any extra pictures you want, just ask!

Honoka GSC Bokura ima no Naka de 1/8 scale: $65
Honoka Kotobukiya Natsuiro 1/8 scale: $65
Umi Natsuiro 1/8 scale: $35 (it has a strange blemish on her's faint so it's only noticeable when you get close to it. Extra pictures available if needed)
Kotori Natsuiro 1/8 scale: $65

First LL! set Nendoroid Petites: $10 each (maid Kotori and Sore wa Umi are $8 each)
-All stage petites
-Uniform Kotori
-Maid Kotori

Music S.T.A.R.T!! Limited Magazine figures (Umi, Eli, Nozomi not pictured): $5 each
Dancing Stars on me Umi (x2): $5 each
Casual summer Umi: $8

Limited Edition Door-sized Dengeki G's magazine Umi Tapestry: $50

TatePos posters: $6 each
AVAILABLE: BOTH event Rins, Event Umi, China Dress Umi, China Dress Honoka

Umi Wonderful Rush tapestry: $8
( full picture)

Wonderful Rush Minicchus: $8 each
SOLD: Honoka

Angelic Angel Petites (+secret gym Nico): $8 each
SOLD: Honoka, Kotori

Racing Petites: $8 each

Sore wa Petites: $8 each
SOLD: Eli, Kotori

Artbooks (SIF codes have been used...even if they weren't used, they've expired already)
SIF Illustration Vol.1: $35
SIF Illustration Vol.2: $35
Visual Collection Smile: $30
Visual Collection Dream: $30
**all books for $120 with FREE SHIPPING**

OP1 nendoroid straps: $4 each

Yume no Tobira Umi nendoroid straps: $4

2-pocket clearfiles: $5 each
SOLD: Fairy Tale Nozomi, Fairy Tale Umi

Wedding/Sore wa chibi 2-clearfiles set: $8 each pair

Melamine Natsuiro Umi: $5
Yume no Tobira Ichiban Kuji Umi: $5
Cospa Bathing Suits Nozomi/Honoka/Umi/Eli glass: $10

Umi Lace Bracelet: $10
Umi pinched strap: $8
Umi Christmas Pin: $3

Nendoroids: $30 each
AVAILABLE: Training Umi (x2), Training Honoka

Banpresto Figures: $5 each
(Dancing Stars on Me ones are the same pictured above with the Magazine figures)

Snow Halation Rubber straps: $7 each

Chara-Ani 1/10 scale figures: $40 each
(sorry for the terribad pictures but here's the MFC link for Eli

Doujins (yes, there's that one iM@S:CG one)
HonoUmi: $10
KotoUmi: $6
Umi: $5
KotoHono: $10
Anya: $10
Nozomi: $5

Free w/purchase

Rubber straps (Love Laika Minami, Project Krone Arisu, Nao, Syuko, Rin, Yui, Karen, Anastasia, Fumika): $5 each
Minami nendoroid acrylic charm: $4
Dialogue straps (Minami, Anya): $10 each
SOLD: Syuko

iM@S Platinum Stars rubber strap $7 each

iM@S:CG rubber straps: $6 each

iM@S rubber straps: $6 each

iM@S:ML rubber straps: $6 each

Free w/purchase

2017 Eeveelu Pokedolls - $19 each

TOMY Froakie - $5
Sleeping Bag Leafeon Pikachu - $10
Kororin Absol - $10
I <3 Gengar smiling ver. - $15

PokeCen online Eeveelu promos
Postcards - $2 each
*I have one "full" set (don't have the store exclusive one with all of them. The difference is that Eevee and Sylveon's eyes are closed instead and an extra of all EXCEPT the Eevee/Flareon. One "full" set will be $10*
    AVAILABLE:  Jolteon, Glaceon/Vaporeon/Eevee
Kanto Eeveelus clearfile - $5

PokeCen online 1st anniversary poster - $5

Darkrai w/green base zukan - $5
Darkrai w/Ash zukan - $3
Kid figures (boxed and unboxed) and Mega Mewtwo Y figure - $1 each or free with purchase
KIDS SOLD:Mega Latios, Mega Heracross x1, Victini, Reshiram

Free w/purchase (hope you guys like LL! lol)
UNAVAILABLE: Bisharp pin, XY tissues, Honoka strap, Mako strap, Cyber Kotori pin, some of the cards (ask for specifics if you want one. I might not have it available)

Spell Card Badges: $5 each
SOLD: Marisa

Spell Card Metal Charms: $8 each
SOLD: Youmu

ViVimus rubber straps: $8 each

Free w/purchase

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