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Random Merch sales (Anime/Games/Cute Mascot Characters/Others) JULY 11, 2019

Hello! Finally an update on my random sales after all this time haha. I have lots of extra straps from random Anime and idol series among other things too so please take a look!

Many of the trading box items don't have the original box anymore (so I can display them in pocket folders) but comes in the original clear packaging if available. All items are brand new and never used or like new.

If you don't have LJ, you can contact me by email (

You can view my Pokemon sales here:

I have pkmncollectors feedback for reference

Granted sales permission by entirelycliched on Jan 18, 2013

-All item conditions are brand new or displayed like new with no parts missing unless otherwise stated
-All prices listed are the lowest I'd accept for them--they're either what I paid for or less and prices are listed in
-I live in a smoke and pet free home but my room collects dust a lot. I will clean off all items before shipping them out as best as I can
-If you want a quote, please list the items you want and your postal code and/or country
-A QUOTE IS NOT A HOLD. If someone commits to an items, they will get priority
-I am willing to accept haggling on most items but please respect if I do not take your offer
-Note the prices listed, NOT the price in the pictures
-Willing to trade for items in my wish list here: (pokemon: non-pokemon:
-I accept Paypal only in USD
-I will accept CAD but I will convert the USD price
-Prices don't include shipping or paypal fees

-I ship from Canada and I can ship internationally so beware Canadian shipping prices eh (especially for International buyers) aka I take this into consideration for offers
-Flats shipping starts at $1.50 for US and $2.50 for international using an envelope.
-Non-flats shipping starts at $8 to US, and $12+ everywhere else. This also includes items shipped in bubble mailers unfortunately. If there is a significant discrepancy in shipping price, I will refund the difference.

-I will try to reuse packaging. If that will be a problem, please say so. I don't have a lot of extra packaging though, just boxes so I might have to buy bubble mailers which is pricey x.x
-I won't be responsible for lost mail and I can't refund lost packages. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else, feel free to ask. Be warned that extra things cost a lot, especially from Canada Post.
-No tracking available except for US and Canada buyers (unless you want to pay extra which can be a lot from Canada x.x)

*Will be updated periodically*

Any additional questions, just ask
Any extra pictures you , just ask!

Capcom Side B Label can badges: $2 each

ensky iDOLM@STER rubber straps: $4 each OR 3 for $10
          (Iori, Kotori, Hibiki, Azusa, Mami, Ami)
Iori Platinum Stars rubber strap: $5
PriPara Non rubber strap: $2

ensky iDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE rubber straps: $4 each OR 3 for $10
          (Tsubasa, Yuriko, Shizuka, Mirai, Kana, Megumi, Serika)

          (Minami, Kirari, Mio)

ensky iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS rubber straps: $4 each OR 3 for $10
          (Chieri, Kanako, Miria, Mio, Minami)
Freeing Project Krone rubber straps: $5 each
          (Syuko, Nao, Arisu)

eformed iM@SCG rubber straps: $6 each OR 3 LiPPS for $15, 4 Sweetches for $20
          (Syuko, Mika, Frederica, Shizuku, Kyoko, Airi, Kanako)

Niitengomu! iM@SCG rubber straps: $3 each OR $2 each when you buy 4+
          (Uzuki x2, Rin x3, Miria x2, Hina x2, Kotoka x2, Kiyomi x2, Mayu x2, Riina x2, Kirari x2)

Niitengomu! iM@SCG rubber straps: $3 each OR $2 each when you buy 4+
          (Mio x2, Anastasia, Reina x2, Momoka x2, Hiromi x2, Airi x2, Miku x2, Chizuru x3)

Pinched keychain (Anastasia, Minami): $5 each

Doujin charms
Couch/Wedding Rin charm by Juria: $5
Ryo/Koume acrylic keychain by mikoto: $5
Shiki bottle acrylic keychain by OSAKANA: $10
Shiki acrylic standee by OSAKANA: $5

Kotobukiya 1/8 scale Natsuiro Honoka figure: $40 (I just really want her sold ;_;)

Soldier game CD (opened, works): $8

Assassination Classroom hooded rubber straps (Kaede, Nagisa): $5 each
My Hero Academia Pita! acrylic keychains (Tenya, Momo): $4 each
Persona 5 Pita! Acrylic Keychains (Morgana, Ann): $4 each
Psycho-Pass rubber straps (Ginoza, Akane, Yayoi): $4 each

Persona can badges: $3 each OR 4 for $10
          (only P3 characters available; Protag headshot, Protag, Yukari, Junpei, Aegis, Mitsuru, Akihiko, Fuuka, Ken, Elizabeth)

Persona 3 Dancing Moonlight clearfile: $5

PsychoPass color colle charms (Akane, Yayoi, Masaoka, Shion): $3 each, $10 for all 4

Dominator 2GB USB from LootCrate (unfolds): $5

Osomatsu-San rubber straps: $3 each OR all for $10
        (Todomatsu, Jyushimatsu, Choromatsu, Karamatsu, Osomatsu)

Yuri on Ice Rubber straps: $4 each OR 3 for $10
          (Otabek, Seung Gil Lee, Guang-Hong, Christophe, Yuri, Victor, Jean-Jacques

Yukari Nendoroid (unopened, includes Good Smile Company replacement part): $70

Sitting rubber straps (Nitori, Eirin, Utsuho): $4 each
Spell of Patchouli rubber strap with charm: $6 each OR both for $10
Spell Card metal charms (Sanae, Seija, Yuuka, Tenshi): $5 each

Spell Card can badge (Yukari, Remilia): $3 each

Unopened card sleeves packs
Corrin: $12
Sakuya: $10

Snow Miku 2018 Crane Priestess Nendoroid: $70

Snow Miku 2018 Crane Priestess Figma x2: $70 each

Official Miku Expo Merchandise
Official Miku Expo 2018 USA & Mexico color changing lightstick x2: $35 each OR $60 for both
          (batteries will NOT be included, takes 3xAAA batteries, works)
Miku's Tape (unopened): $20
Miku Expo North America 2016 rubber bracelet: $5
Miku Expo 2018 USA & Mexico Clearfile: $5

Yuma/Astral pair rubber strap: $5
Rivals rubber strap (Ryoga, Kaito, Jack): $3 each or 4 for $10
Acrylic keychains (Jack, Yusei, Jun, Jyudai Yuki, Reiji): $3 each or 4 for $10

Sully Big Tsum: $20
Mike Medium Tsum: $15
  OR Both Sully and Mike for $30
Jinbei-San Super Mochi BIG Cushion (kinda squashed): $20
Chi from Chi's Sweet Home: $15 (has a tush tag but not sure if official)
**none of these comes with hangtag**

Pometan: $10
Pink Alpacasso: $12
White, pink flowers Alpacasso: $12
White, pink/blue flowers Alpacasso: $12
          ALL 3 Alpacasso for $30
2017 Cupcake Tsum: $3

Zootopia POP! Vinyl figures: $15 each OR BOTH for $25

Tags: anime, assassination classroom, bnha, boku hero academia, capcom, games, hatsune miku, honoka, honoka kousaka, idol, idolmaster, idolmaster cinderella girls, idolmaster million live, im@s, im@s:cg, imas:ml, love live, megaman, mha, miku expo, miku expo 2018, million live, monster hunter, monster hunter world, my hero academia, osomatsu, osomatsu san, osomatsu-san, persona, persona 3, persona 5, pripara, psychopass, resident evil, sales, snow miku, touhou project, video game, vocaloid, yugioh, yuri on ice
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